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Cafe Yung


27-2, Palpan-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul
+82-2-736-7652 tel


Cafe yung is a dessert cafe offering fusion variations on Korean traditional sweets, such as hotteok (Chinese pancake stuffed with brown sugar) and hongsi yogurt (soft persimmon yogurt). Their popular dessert is chewy ssiat hotteok (Chinese pancake stuffed with brown sugar and nuts) made with glutinous rice. In contrast to the hotteok you can buy from street vendors, which is usually greasy, the hotteok here are very light tasting. They offer desserts that can be enjoyed by people of all ages, such as home-made flat dumplings and hongsi yogurt.
  • The exterior of Cafe Yung

  • The interior of Cafe Yung 1

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  • Coffee

  • Hotteok rice seeds

  • Coffee and Hotteok rice seeds


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Transportation Information
Subway Line 3 Anguk Stn. Exit 1

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